The owner of this network would like to say the following -

I have absolutely zero need for money. Do not give me money. Ever. There will always be someone more deserving of your kindness than myself. I can afford all of the everything involved with keeping this network and these services, alive. If, however, you are feeling philanthropic, and would like to do me a solid by donating something to someone somewhere, please consider the following charities

Fisher House
Fisher House does a phenomenal job taking care of our nation's wounded warriors. Whether or not you agree with war, our wars, or the politicians who've sent these men to hell, it is an unfortunate reality, an axiom of humanity itself, that evil will give birth to violence, and that men will need to meet that violence with equal or greater violence. Many of the men doing so are your friends, family members, and neighbors. 13 years of war and counting is taking its toll on men who have honor, something a civilian like me will never grasp nor fully comprehend. They are a caste of warriors, made of different stock. But not without cost, and we're seeing that cost every day as the extraordinary are forced to come back to the ordinary. They are not broken, they are not crazy, but they are unquestionably different, and Fisher House is among the best at helping the extraordinary re-acclimate to the ordinary. If you are in the donating mood, they are the first port of call.
SOWF - Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Special Operations Forces are the tip of the spear, and the epitomization of quiet professionalism. Irrespective of media glitz, these men do their job without pomp and circumstance, then return to relative obscurity. But while they are uniquely crafted, and from a different caste, they have the same human needs as other wounded warriors. SOWF seems to be among the best SOF-specific charities in operation. They are another charity I highly recommend.
EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has historically been the foremost advocate of digital privacy in the electronic era. This is an InfoSec focused site, and ultimately the core goal of InfoSec is the liberty that comes inherent to privacy. The EFF is easily the strongest voice for digital privacy, without whom there would be little to curb the gluttony of the Orwellian surveillance state. If veterans charities aren't your cuppa, while that's disheartening to me, I would appreciate you donating to the EFF in lieu of this.

I have no tie to any of these charities. They are simply causes with which I agree. Your donation to them will in no way reference me. This is not some moralistic self-licking ice cream cone, if you click any of the buttons above, no data from this site is sent to their site (other than the standard HTTP-Referer header, that's sent any time you click any link on any website - there are browser plugins to block the Referer header any way, which, we highly recommend where possible). I get no pat-on-the-back for sending people there. I simply want them to have your cash, period.

Generally, I would be pleased greatly if my having thrown up this network, and these services, resulted in a donation to a charity that advocates something I agree with. Nonetheless, you may feel morally opposed to what I find morally favorable. This probably means you suck, but nonetheless, if you're going to donate to *anyone*, favorable or not, do your charity vetting at CharityNavigator.org