Founded in 2003, whitehathouston.com was initially nothing more than a domain, bought for the sake of buying a domain. Towards the end of the year, a handful of friends from the same university who grew up in the Houston area got together, discussed their mutual interest in low-level operating system design, and turned a fascination with standard Linux tinkering into a side consulting business.

Over the years we have grown up, grown in general, and all of us somehow found our way to working for commercial software and solutions providers in the information security industry. We're still passionate about Linux, open source software, tinkering, everything else you'd expect from your friendly neighborhood tech junkie, but as we've found ourselves moving across the globe, and meeting similarly minded individuals, we've developed a greater understanding of the business side of security, while expanding our own knowledge and commercial reach. At last count there were roughly 50 of us, in 31 different countries, on every continent except for Antarctica.

To date, every one of us is still employed within the infosec community in some manner, and every one of us is heavily involved in one or many open source projects. Myself, the founder, well I've taken on working with a friend on a SaaS start-up offering content filtering and content security services. The start-up business is hectic and demanding, but owning something cradle to grave, being able to create, supremely rewarding, and something I envision myself doing again after the sand on this one has all fallen.